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Dear Investor,

Inflation was the theme dominating markets around the world last month. With inflation indicators coming in above estimates, uncertainty around the transitory or sustained nature of inflation, kept a tight grip on markets. Resulting in a volatility spike during May.

SAVIN returned +1.8% in May as we continue to benefit from an overweight positioning towards our volatility arbitrage strategies, bringing our YTD performance to 14.9% (after all fee deductions).

In our quarterly update next month, we will deep-dive into some key statistics of the fund, providing some additional insights into the risk/return profile of the fund.

This month SAVIN was also featured in the Hedge Fund Journal’s “Tomorrows Titans 2021”, highlighting 50 emerging investment managers and their distinctive strategies. We are thrilled and excited to have SAVIN and our CIO Iain Somers (page 28/29) featured in this year’s edition.

Hope to see you soon.

Team Savin

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