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With a June performance of 8.0% and a year-to-date return of 24.1% we are off to a solid start. Every day we are improving and tuning a more robust portfolio. We remain firmly focused on bringing you uncorrelated returns and by doing so, improving the risk and return profile of your portfolio.

The ability to react to diverse market circumstances drives our dynamic approach to strategy allocation. We have a wide range of arbitrage trading strategies ready and running. Seeking to extract returns from a diversified set of opportunities while maintaining a well-defined and rigorous risk management framework.

Our strategies focusing on niche volatility arbitrage are clearly delivering an above average return. The volatility in US single stock names, as well as renewed interest in and strong demand for options in these names, contributed to our year-to-date return of 24.1%. Based on weekly performance data the annualized standard deviation of the fund’s returns stands at 14.7%.

The fund’s assets under management have passed the €50m mark. We are onboarding a growing number of (single) family offices and wealth managers whilst ensuring there are no concentration risks on the investor side. Currently we have around 70 investors, no single investor exceeding 10% of AuM.

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